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Flashback: Hillary Clinton whistleblower found hacked to pieces, stuffed inside duffelbag

At first, the now-infamous “Clinton body count” seemed like a darkly humorous internet meme. But after careful examination, many discovered the horrifying fact that it is something much more serious than that.

Everyone who seems to have dirt on the Clinton family — or anyone who could potentially leak secrets about Bill and Hillary’s relationship and business dealings — seems to die in mysterious ways.

Consider Gareth Williams, for instance. The 31-year-old MI6 spy was found hacked to death, dismembered and stuffed into a duffel bag back in 2010, shortly after having hacked into a server that contained classified information about Bill Clinton. To call that a coincidence is at least marginally ridiculous. If this had been anyone other than Bill Clinton, they surely would have been a major suspect to investigators.

But, as always, the Clinton family was proven to be above the law.

One of the things that is most suspicious about the entire “body count” theory is that the Clinton family constantly seems to sweep these deaths under the rug instead of addressing them head-on. Much like the Benghazi situation, Hillary passes off the mysterious deaths and murders of previous colleagues as unimportant. Her reaction is dangerous because it’s so nonchalant.

The Regressive Left then goes so far as to claim that anyone who ever dares point out these connections is a “brainwashed conspiracy theorist” who is simply trying to prevent Hillary from being elected. While it’s fair to say that these people are genuinely trying to prevent another President Clinton from taking office, their reasoning for doing so is extremely justified.

After all, is this really the kind of person that we want as the leader of the free world? Do we want someone who is willing to have those who stand against her murdered in brutal fashion just to send a message? It’s like something out of a horror movie or a comic book. This should not be a real-life situation that we’re being faced with.

We’re currently being lined up for an extremely frightening situation in regards to the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton could very well win, which will inevitably prompt a number of terrible fates for everyone in America. What freedoms we still have will slowly be taken away from us as the fascist liberal regime storms on. After that, it’s very possible that many of us will face similar fates to Gareth Williams.

Well, at least those of us who are willing to voice our concerns about the Clinton family. For the rest of the sheep, it’s possible that you’ll simply be enslaved under the globalist empire — but is that really a desirable fate?



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